Module 4 errors are recoverable in most cases

This error indicates that your Peachtree company database has become corrupted.
The error is often the result of a loss of power or loss of network connection during
a previous Peachtree session.

This error is repairable most of the time through our data repair service for Peachtree.

Our techs use proprietary software written especially to recover and reconstruct Peachtree company 
data. Our 85% success rate is by far the best around. That is how we can make such a strong 
guarantee: if we can't fix your data, there is no charge to you. You never have to pay someone to 
to fix your problem. We've successfully corrected thousands of sets of damaged accounting data.

Special, secure internet site for fast, easy uploading of your damaged data, or you can overnight us a backup.
Worldwide service over secure internet connections.

You can choose between two services: Standard, and Same-Day.

Standard Data Recovery:

bulletTurnaround in about 2 business days
bullet$495 flat fee. No guesswork about what you will end up paying.
bullet Guaranteed success, or no charge

Same-Day Data Recovery:

bulletTurnaround in 12 hours guaranteed. If your data requires more than 12 hours to successfully
recover, the standard rate is charged. We work into the night if necessary.
bullet$695 flat fee. No guesswork about what you will end up paying.
bulletGuaranteed success, or no charge

"Thank you, thank you, thank you. You had the right price, right people on
the job, and a turnaround I can only describe as 'awesome'.
Our backups
failed, and when our server shut down unexpectedly, we lost all of this data.
I'd rather not need you guys in the future, but if I need anyone I will definitely
come back. Absolutely outstanding service."  -- Derek Spiewak, Datawave, Inc.

"A tech elsewhere told me my situation was hopeless. You literally solved my 
problem within hours of receiving my data files
. Thank you!" 
-- Tommy Turritt, TLC Ingredients

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Fast. Safe. Confidential. Guaranteed.

Call free (800) 999-9209 to schedule your data's recovery, or send the form below.

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