Flights To Frankfort Kentucky (2024)

1. Book Plane Tickets to Frankfort on

  • Find Frankfort flights on Compare cheap tickets and book airfare on flights to LEX airport.

  • Find Frankfort flights on Compare cheap tickets and book airfare on flights to LEX airport

2. Cheap Flights to Frankfort -

  • Looking for cheap flights to Frankfort (LEX)? Browse through our last minute LEX flights from $198. Save up to 40% with our hot rate flight deals.

  • Looking for cheap flights to Frankfort (LEX)? Browse through our last minute LEX flights from $198. Save with our hot rate flight deals. Book with Hotwire today!

3. Cheap Flights to Frankfort, KY (FFT) - SeatGuru

4. Airlines serving Frankfort, Kentucky - Travelmath

  • Find airlines that fly to Frankfort, Kentucky. Compare flights for airlines flying to Frankfort, KY to plan your trip.

5. Frankfort, KY Private Jet and Air Charter Flights - Monarch Air Group

  • Monarch Air Group offers plenty of private jet charter options to and from Frankfort, Kentucky, United States.

6. Find Cheap Flights to Frankfort (FFT) -

  • What are some popular attractions in Frankfort? There are lots of attractions to choose from in Frankfort: Kentucky Historical Society | Kentucky Military ...

  • Book cheap flights to Frankfort starting at just US$99. Search for the best one-way or return flight deals offered by top airlines on now!

7. Direct Flights from Frankfort, KY to Veldhoven, Netherlands - Travelmath

  • Are there any non-stop flights to Veldhoven, Netherlands from Frankfort, Kentucky? Find out which airlines offer direct service between cities.

8. About CCA | KYTC Aviation -

  • ​In the heart of the Bluegrass, the Capital City Airport is located one mile southwest of Frankfort, in Franklin County, Kentucky. ... flights to/from 39 states.

9. Flights to Frankfort - The cheapest tickets with eDreams

  • When? Passengers 1 adult. Direct flights. Search flights. Search Flight + Hotel. Book your cheap flights to Frankfort ... KY · Flights to Bardstown · Flights to ...

  • Book cheap tickets and fly to Frankfort with eDreams. Travel to Frankfort with our best offers and last minute deals and enjoy your holiday!

10. FFT Capital City Airport (FFT/KFFT) - FlightAware

  • Capital City, Frankfort, KY (FFT/KFFT) flight tracking (arrivals, departures, en route, and scheduled flights) and airport status.

11. Frankfort Kentucky Balloon Flight

  • Experience the most peaceful form of flight! ... The total cost is just $279 per person, and you can reserve your spot TODAY for only a $19 deposit per person.

  • Coming to Frankfort Kentucky in 2018 Experience the most peaceful form of flight! This once in a lifetime experience lasts approximately three hoursWatch the

12. Executive Flight Logs - Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear

  • ​June 2024. ​​​​Date, Aircraft, Departure/Destination, Passengers. 06/21/2024, N284SP, ​Frankfort, KY Bowling Green, KY Frankfort, KY, ​Gov.

13. How long is the flight from Frankfort (Kentucky) to Chicago? - Trippy

  • Travel time from Frankfort (Kentucky) to Chicago · Monday, 7:30 am: start in Frankfort (Kentucky) · 8:25 am: Blue Grass (LEX) · 8:55 am: get your boarding pass ...

  • Frankfort (Kentucky) to Chicago flight time - get the full travel time including airports.

Flights To Frankfort Kentucky (2024)
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