Laura Underwood Minoian working at Moog Inc. (2024)

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Process Improvement Leader at Moog Inc.

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Laura Underwood Minoian's Contact Information

Email (work) ********
LinkedIn URL inoian-4sor
Tel. (Company) +1 408-965-XXXX
Company Moog Inc.
Residence United States, New York, Grand Island
Last updated 2023-02-01
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Laura is working at

Moog Inc.

Location United States , California, Milpitas
Company Size censo redcens
Employees 9397 profiles available
Last Updated 2024-06-06

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Laura Underwood Minoian working at Moog Inc. (1)

Managers are responsible for leading teams toward meeting goals by setting objectives, implementing plans, delegating tasks and monitoring progress.
Other job titles include Team Leader or Supervisor.
Tap into our managers’ expertise to lead your team towards success by providing sound decision-making skills, effective communication techniques and clear expectations.

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Decision Makers at Moog Inc.

Laura Underwood Minoian working at Moog Inc. (5)

Didier LangHigher Management

Laura Underwood Minoian working at Moog Inc. (6)

Jennifer WalterHigher Management

Laura Underwood Minoian working at Moog Inc. (7)

Michael SchaffHigher Management

Laura Underwood Minoian working at Moog Inc. (9)

Ari AlmqvistHigher Management

Laura Underwood Minoian working at Moog Inc. (10)

Martin BobakHigher Management

439 Decision Makers at Moog Inc.

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Laura Minoian's current details

Current Title
Process Improvement Leader

Type of Role
5% from United States work as a Manager

Job functions

Job Seniority
Lower Management
13% from United States are employed in Lower Management

Current Industry
Medical Equipment Design, Manufcensored cen soredcensore dce nsoredcen sor edcens oredcen soredcensor

United States, New York, Grand Island

Experience (tracked since 2018)
c ensore experience at Moog Inc.
c ensore experience as Process Improvement Leader

LinkedIn profile inoian-4sor

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Company "Moog Inc."

Company name
Moog Inc.

Company size
censo redcens

Stock Symbol

Year Founded


Linkedin Profile gsor

Industrial Field
Aerospace and Flight Vehicle Engineering

United States, California, Milpitas

Full Company Profile
Moog Inc.

Laura Underwood Minoian's Work History
data available since 2018

  • 2023 (6 months)
    Moog Inc.
    United States
    Process Improvement Leader
    Medical Equipment Design, Manufacturing and Distribution
    Moog Inc.

  • 20XX (3+ censo)
    Mcen sore
    Ucenso redcen
    Pcensor edcensoredc ensore
    Mcensor edcensore dcensor edcensoredcen sor edcensoredce gsor

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Laura Underwood Minoian's Education

  • 20XX - 20XX - Capella Ucensoredc
    Master of censored censoredcensor edcensor iversor

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Frequently asked questions

What company does Laura Minoian work for?
Laura Minoian is working for Moog Inc.

What is Laura Minoian's title at Moog Inc.?
Laura's title is , Process Improvement Leader

What is Laura Minoian's Seniority at Moog Inc.?
Laura Minoian has been with Moog Inc. for 6 months and is in Lower Management

For how long is Laura Minoian working as a Process Improvement Leader?
Laura Minoian has 6 months experience as Process Improvement Leader.

What are Laura Minoian's functions as a Process Improvement Leader ?
Laura Minoian is responsible for Operacenso

What is Laura Minoian's company phone number?
Laura Minoian's company phone number is +1 408-965-****

What is Laura Minoian's email contact?
Laura Minoian's email address is ********

What is Laura Minoian's LinkedIn profile ?
Laura Minoian's LinkedIn profile can be found at***minoian-4***

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Laura Underwood Minoian working at Moog Inc. (2024)
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