Were more winning Florida Lottery tickets sold at Publix in June ... again? (2024)

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There were 64 Florida Lottery winners in June, surpassing the 53 winners in May but still falling short from the 81 winners in February.

The biggest Florida winners of the month were two $4 million Mega Millions tickets sold in Largo. The tickets were sold at two Publix super markets across the street from each other.

Is there a way to increase the odds of winning one of the Florida Lottery games? Where are all those winning tickets sold? Are your chances higher if you allow the machine to pick your numbers? Does Publix really sell more winning tickets than any other retailer? And what about city; does that count?

Check your tickets: Numbers from June 30 drawing

We tracked all the winners in the various drawings —Powerball,Mega Millions, Lotto, Jackpot Triple Play, Cash4Life and Fantasy 5 — held in June to answer those questions.

How many Florida Lottery winners were there in June 2024?

In June, there were 64 winners in the drawings held between June 1 and June 30.

Compare May winners to those earlier this year:

Twenty-two of all the winning tickets sold in June were quick pick.

In June, there were three days when there were no winners in any of the draw games, with the exception of Cash Pop.

So far, the only month in 2024 with at least one winner every day was February.

Are more winning lottery tickets sold at Publix?

For the sixth month in a row, more winning Florida Lottery tickets were sold at Publix than any other retailer.

Here are the top retailers in June with at least two sales:

  • Publix: 23 winners

  • 7-Eleven: 5 winners

  • Sunshine: 3 winners

  • Speedway: 2 winners

Publix has been the top retailer every month so far: January (16), February (37), and March (25), April (26), May (20).

What Florida city had the most lottery winners in June?

Here are the cities in June — with at least two sales — where the most winning lottery tickets were sold:

  • Miami, Miami Shores: 8

  • Orlando: 4

  • Hollywood: 3

  • West Palm Beach: 3

  • Delray Beach: 2

  • Hialeah: 2

  • Homestead: 2

  • Largo: 2

  • Palm Bay: 2

  • Tampa: 2

Miami, Miami Gardens, North Miami, Miami Shores have been the top locations for winning tickets every month in 2024, but in April, shared the lead with Port St. Lucie.

If you buy a lottery ticket at a Publix in Miami do odds of winning improve?

Of the eight winning lottery tickets sold in Miami or Miami Shores, three were sold at a Publix super market.

What Florida Lottery game saw the most winners in June?

Not surprisingly, most winners were playing Fantasy 5. There were 53 winners in June, compared to 46 winners in May.

Twenty-two of the Fantasy 5 winners opted for the quick pick option of having the machine pick their numbers.

What other games had winners in May?

Other than Fantasy 5, there were winners in these games:

  • Mega Millions: 3 winners (two Florida winners won $4 million; third ticket sold in Illinois)

  • Cash4Life: 3 winners (tickets sold in New York)

  • Powerball: 2 winners (tickets sold in Kentucky and New Jersey)

What were the biggest jackpots won in May?

The big winner of the month was a Mega Millions ticket sold in Illinois that was worth $560 million.

That was followed by a Powerball ticket worth $221 million sold in New Jersey and a $10 million Powerball Double Play ticket sold in Kentucky.

The largest Florida winners were the two Mega Millions tickets sold in Largo. Both were worth $4 million.

Other big winners during the month were:

  • Cash4Life, sold in New York, June 12: $1,000 a week for life.

  • Cash4Life, sold in New York, June 15: $1,000 a week for life.

What was the biggest Fantasy 5 jackpot in June?

The biggest Fantasy 5 winner in June was the $136,661 jackpot sold June 1 at Walton Shell in Port St. Lucie.

What was the smallest Fantasy 5 jackpot won in May?

The smallest Fantasy 5 winner during the month was a $26,139 jackpot sold June 17 at a Delray Beach Publix.

How many quick pick tickets won in June lottery drawings?

Twenty-two winners in June opted for the quick pick option, with the biggest winner a Fantasy 5 ticket worth $135,661.

This article originally appeared on Treasure Coast Newspapers: Florida Lottery June winning tickets. Many at Publix, in Miami

Were more winning Florida Lottery tickets sold at Publix in June ... again? (2024)
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